Bagua Province

Bagua is a province of the Amazonas Region in Peru. It is located in the north and central part of the department of Amazonas. Its territory is rugged in all directions. It is also cut by deep gorges that have been formed by the important rivers that cross this province, as well as their numerous tributaries. Bagua's terrain is varied in height, from hills of 400 m. along the banks of the Marañón and Santiago rivers, to up to 2500 m. in the mountain zone of the south. The Marañón river runs from south-west to north-east across the province and is one of the principal rivers in the Peruvian Amazon. The Chiriaco or Imaza river runs from the south to the northeast. The Nieva river runs from southeast to north, and the Utcubamba from the east to the northwest. The city of Bagua is located on a natural plateau rising from the right shore of the Utcubamba river. All the houses of the western part of the city have a view of the river waters. Numerous species of animals are typical of the zone: huanganas, pumas, anteaters, ocelots, cashpaicuros, and armadillos. There are also numerous snakes such as the macanche, colambo, uyurechonte, cascabel, shushupe, etc. The natives hunted them for food. These species attract tourists for hunting, which is regulated to preserve the species. For collectors, the quantity and variety of butterflies is a major attraction principally in the wooded zone of the district.

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